neuromorphic art

Art generated by neural networks, yet possessing human-like aesthetics
Many images look as if they were created by people, even though none of the neural networks had exposure to any human artwork
All images are constructed by the networks from scratch

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Physical (non-virtual) exhibition

Creatio ex Machina.
The internal worlds of neural networks.

11th February — 5th March 2022, Galeria Wozownia, ToruĊ„, Poland


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The neural networks showcased in this gallery exhibit rather painterly aesthetics. The images created by a particular network usually have a fairly consistent style — the network's individual “artistic personality”. Yet, there is surprising diversity among the various neural networks.

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These images have a surreal or even dadaist quality. Even though the imagery may seem haphazard, one can identify recurring motives characteristic of the original objects. These images can be understood as a visual analog of symbolic representations, reminiscent of dreams.

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Vibrant colors and shapes, deformations, energy. This brings to one's mind Expressionist art, hence the label for this collection. The individual neural networks are much less stylistically consistent than the ones exhibited in Variations.

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Textures and intertwined shapes bordering between the organic and technological. Yet staying just beyond representing anything tangible. Thus abstract, but only up to a point.

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The neural networks of this variety create images, some of which are surprisingly reminiscent of various graphic techniques. Others seem akin to Art Brut. Yet, altogether they evoke a strikingly consistent visual feel.

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